POKER phenomenon PHIL HELLMUTH is the author of #POSITIVITY – an inspiring new book which is giving sensational advice to millions of people around the world. In his new and exciting column exclusively for MilliOnAir Global Magazine, Phil asks a series of positive questions to a celebrity from the world of business, showbiz or sport every month. Here he puts the #POSITIVITY spotlight on multi-millionaire entrepreneur ALFIE BEST , who has just launched Wyldecrest Parks Charity to help seriously ill children by providing crucial life-saving hospital equipment around the UK. Edited by MilliOnAir Global Magazine Editor at large LAURIE STONE.

What is your earliest memory of an act of positivity….

Going to work with my dad, Alfie Snr, and getting paid £3 for my day’s hard labour. I was eight years old.

Why is Positivity as opposed to negativity important to you….

Positivity is important – encouraging an open mind and the ability to believe in oneself.

Who has had the most positive influence on your life and why….

Once again I have to say my dad simply because of his amazing work ethic. At the age of 72 he works seven days a week as a general builder. He always has a smile on his face and still feels a tremendous sense of achievement when the job is done.

Which positive person from history would you like to meet….

Muhammed Ali. Boxing has been a big part of my life.He crowned himself as:The Greatest and you cannot get any more positive than that!


Never give

up. If you


success bad

enough you


achieve it.


What is the most positive piece of advice you pass on to people you meet….

Never give up. If you want success bad enough you will achieve it.

How do you deal with negative people….

I cut them out of my life. Surround yourself with negativity and you will be negative. Surround yourself with positivity and you will be positive.

What is the most positive film you have watched….

The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith. A powerful drama that reinforces to keep your mind firmly focused on your goals.

If you could sit down with five positive
people who would they be and what qualities would they bring….

Alan Sugar for his tenacity, straight-talking and good sound business acumen. The Queen .Our Royal Family despite rumours and scandals, always remain the epitome of Positivity.

Oprah Winfrey, she oozes confidence.
Usain Bolt, simply an amazing athlete.
Judi Dench, one of my favourites actors, but
I would love to know more about her Romany gypsy background.


Judi Dench, one of my favourites actors, but I would love to know more about her Romany gypsy background.


What is the most positive song on your playlist….

Simply The Best by Tina Turner. It makes me feel good and reminds me of myself.


What is the most positive piece of of advice you have been given – when, where and by whom….

I was sitting at home with my son, Alfie Boy, who was 15 at the time, discussing one of my business deals that was going sour. He turned to me and said: You are Alfie Best….you can do anything you want.

Do you get positivity from religion or spirituality….

No. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t. It is just not for me. My positiivty comes from within.


How do you react positively to fear….

By keeping fear in its box and not allowing it to grow.

Who is the most positive person in your life….


What is the key to you being resilient….

Keeping your feet very well grounded.

What is your inspirational catchphrase….

Man has to know where he is from to know where he is going.

Where in the world are you in your most positive state….

At my luxury villa in Barbados.

If you could be known for one positive achievement in your life what would it be….

”Changing the face of the mobile home park industry. It was a cottage-style industry and we now have 72 parks throughout
the country. We are the biggest park operator in Europe and
have brought in good structures and quality control throughout the industry.”

In what way have you felt loved in your life….

By my children. All of my children make me proud and I can’t wait to see what they achieve.


If you were a superpower leader what positive act would you give to the world….

My first and foremost decision would be to take care of my own country. I would put my own country before the needs of others.

What time of the day do you find the most positive….

9am. People are up ready to start their day and that is when you can interact with them when they are, hopefully, as alert as you.

What aspect of your own positivity or negativity would you change….

I’m known as the Poker Brat: it would be nice to calm down, show more class, and set a better example, especially on global television!

To find out more about Alfie Best visit www.wyldecrestparks.co.uk

www.philhellmuth.com #POSITIVITY

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